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The original bigger picture cards

The original bigger picture card set includes learning exercises from various fields of photography. The tasks focus on seeking, identifying, and arranging subjects. Completing the challenges will help users take better, more interesting photos more quickly.

This is how it works: separate the 10 knowledge cards (pink W) from the 40 task cards (blue A) into two stacks. Shuffle each stack and draw one card from each. The combination of the two cards is your photography challenge. Beginners can start by drawing just a task card and complete it separately. The knowledge cards provide information on the basics of photographic composition. The task cards show a sample photo for inspiration and the task to be completed. Take your time completing the challenges.

Choose different approaches and perspectives to complete them. But above all, be open to experimenting and have fun.

If you solve the tasks, show us your results on Flickr, Google+ or Facebook.




The bigger picture cards Street photography

Street photography is a form of photography that includes numerous styles. This generally refers to a photography made in the public sphere, or from there  into buildings. It can capture a moment or be a whole study of a social environment, be of groups of passersby, or focusing on individuals. The focus of this tasks lies in searching for, recognizing, and documenting subjects in the public space (e.g. on the street). Completing the tasks will help you take better, more interesting photos by focusing on one particular topic at a time.

Good street photography however is all about people and authentic moments. Be brave and try to capture these moments.

The deck includes 10 knowledge cards and 40 task cards plus tips on street photography and tips on dealing with conflicts.

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